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Curtin University
Office of the Academic Registrar

Assessment Integrity and the Role of Examinations Forum

Tuesday 22 August 2017, Melbourne CBD

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Curtin University, The University of Melbourne and Victoria University are working together with Higher Ed Services to bring you an informative and thought-provoking day-long forum focusing on assessment integrity and the role of examinations. Within the forum we will examine how and where institutions might collaborate to address areas of common concern.

Why this forum? The recent rise in contract cheating has sharpened the focus on the role of examinations in assessment. Some proponents of examinations argue that because students can now easily outsource academic work, there is little assurance that assessments are actually written by the student; therefore, institutions should revert back to examinations to ensure that students are completing the work themselves. Others raise concerns that the rapid growth in online provision has caused integrity to suffer when unsupervised online tests comprise the major part of assessment.

These tensions open up broader questions such as:
  1. What are the contemporary and emergent issues in assessment integrity?
  2. Can examinations/tests be authentic and of high integrity?
  3. How can we assure integrity in online contexts, especially at scale?
  4. What practices are institutions adopting to address these issues?
  5. What opportunities are there for sector collaboration on common areas of concern?

Through presentations, panels and discussions, this multidisciplinary forum will examine these problems from a number of perspectives. The program will be of value to anyone with an interest in assessment, academic integrity, and the role of examinations within the assessment process.

The program will include:
  • Emergent (2017) research findings on new methods of assuring academic integrity
  • Student perspectives and case studies of motivators and drivers of behaviour
  • How institutions can respond: recent developments in policies and practices 

Event details


Tuesday 22 August 2017


9 am to 4 pm


Victoria University - Melbourne CBD


$100 (inclusive of GST) for the day and will include:

  • Attendance at all sessions including material made available electronically
  • Refreshments and Lunch

Location and accommodation

The forum will be held at Victoria University's Melbourne CBD campus located at 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne. Here is a list of hotels that are near the venue.

Further information

Please contact 08 9266 5735 

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