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Curtin University
Office of the Academic Registrar

Academic Calendar: Consultation

Please note that this university-wide consultation period has now closed. The proposal for change has been updated in the light of feedback received, and the revised documents were presented to the Academic Services Committee on 19th September. The outcome was that the updated proposal was passed to the Academic Board (as the approval authority for the changes) for consideration on the 28th September 2018. 

The following documents have therefore now been superseded, and are included here for archival purposes only. The below represents the call for comments as originally made.

The proposal for changes to the Academic Calendar for 2021 consists of three documents, contained within the following attachments:

A Proposed Changes to the Academic Calendar for 2021

B High level visual summary of proposed changes

C Proposed Academic Calendar (showing 2019-2022)

The revised model includes two semesters and a Summer School.  Some feedback received so far has assumed students would be expected to study in each of the three periods. This is not the case: studying in the Summer School will be optional for students.

Staff and students are encouraged to circulate these documents widely and respond by email to with any feedback that they have on this proposal no later than the close of business on 12th September 2018.