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Curtin University
Office of the Academic Registrar

Office of Academic Registrar - The Team

What we do

The Office of the Academic Registrar at Curtin University supports and facilitates the universities governance functions, with regard to both internal and external reporting requirements. The registrar's role spans both the academic and administrative processes whose duties and powers are set out in the University's statutes. These include but are not limited to: the promulgation, consistent application of, and compliance with, policies relating to students, student discipline and grievances, and student services.

Staff within the Office of the Academic Registrar

Academic Registrar: Professor Jon Yorke

The Academic Registrar oversees the University’s compliance, governance and regulatory requirements in relation to student administration, including responsibility for promulgation, application and compliance with policies relating to students.  The Academic Registrar ensures the ideals of academic integrity are upheld and communicated to the University community. The Academic Registrar also deputises for the DVC Academic and acts in the capacity of an internal ombudsman in relation to handling of student complaints.  

 Manager Student Discipline and Compliance: Dr Tara Felton

This role is responsible for the management of the student disciplinary processes, development of and compliance with student administration policies and procedures. The position provides leadership to staff undertaking policy development.  Additionally, the manager acts as the delegate of the Registrar for a number of areas including student appeals relating to a student's termination for unsatisfactory course progress and also assists in the assessment of general complaints and appeals by students to the Registrar. The manager also coordinates the university’s academic support for those affected by sexual assault or harassment, and domestic violence. 

Policy and Compliance Officer: Ms Robyn Winckel

The position of Policy and Compliance Officer undertakes benchmarking, policy & procedures review and the provision of advice and support in matters related to relevant Student Administration policy and procedures as well as monitoring quality improvement processes related to legislative compliance.

Student Discipline and Appeals Officer:  Ms Claire Otway and Ms Linda Hunter

The Student Discipline and Appeals Officers (SDAO) liaise with professional and academic University staff, providing advice and assistance on best practice in dealing with complaints, appeals and student disciplinary matters ensuring compliance with relevant policy and legislation. The SDAO investigates and addresses, misconduct issues, complaints and appeals in relation to University decisions, policy and processes that fall within the scope of the Academic Registrar.

Academic Integrity Advisor: Dr Lesley Sefcik

This position provides university-wide teaching, advice, and research in the area of academic integrity. This includes providing professional development activities to build staff capacity, undertaking scholarly activities to develop a Curtin profile of recognised thought-leadership within the domain of academic integrity, and sector benchmarking and horizon-scanning with respect to emergent challenges. Projects include the development and implementation of academic integrity related programs (AIP) and online invigilation of assessments at Curtin.