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Curtin University
Office of the Academic Registrar

Lodge an Academic Misconduct Case
Prior to lodging a misconduct report, please ensure you have an electronic copy of supporting documents prepared for uploading. Documents must be named appropriately (eg. 'Assessment item' not 'Document1').
Plagiarism Level 1: Plagiarism Level 1 is not considered Academic Misconduct and is thus given its own category. Please use this if you wish to give educative action to a 'New to Curtin' student for a case of Level 1 Plagiarism. For Level 2 and 3 cases, please use 'Academic Misconduct' and select from the options that appear.
Academic Misconduct: Plagiarism Levels 2 and 3 are considered Academic Misconduct. Please use this option for cases of Level 2 and 3 plagiarism, as well as cheating, collusion, and falsification of data. For Level 1 Plagiarism cases regarding 'New to Curtin' students, please use the 'Plagiarism Level 1' option.